Dedicated to creating world-class app's. Our team has an extensive skill set enabling us to create apps to the very highest standard.

Our technology stack utilises Swift, Node JS, Unity and Amazon Web Services(AWS).

The common feature of our app's is simplicity. We believe in the philosophy of minimalism which both enhances and streamlines the user's experience by delivering apps which are instantly recognisable and universally user-friendly.

We plan, design and create architecture on AWS in the most scalable, reliable and cost-effective manner.

We also stay up-to-date on the latest developments in cloud architecture and AWS micro services to seize and utilise any opportunity for improvement on existing projects.

We're innovative, cost effective and where possible I design my cloud architecture "serverlessly", eliminating many overhead costs and allowing for a more future proof approach.

We pride ourselves in creating only the highest quality app’s with uncomplicated UI and high memory and power efficiency.

We're very well organised and take time to plan and assess the feasibility of the project and whether the investment is cost effective before we make a decision to commit.

We draught plans for the look and functionality of the app, we will then use the latest iteration of the Swift programming language Swift 4 to code it whilst adopting best practice to ensure our code is both readable and scalable.

We have a pragmatic approach when designing an API and keep it stateless, making it "RESTful".

We create our API’s to be as scalable as possible allowing me to add new functionality without adversely affecting existing users.

The API’s are completely platform independent and may be used by a large variety of devices allowing applications to grow and be available on many platforms. This is achieved by making the API abide to a common format which is usable by all devices enabling it to send and receive data.

We utilise a common pattern of scalability and reliability in my development practices enabling the whole application to grow and evolve seamlessly.